Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where does the time go?

February already. Where did January go? I think I blinked.

I've gotten a referral to go to an Urgent Care clinic off base. That only took a week. So now I get to try to make an appointment there.
Fun, fun, fun.

Still no response from the Witness/Victim place. I've left two messages so far. I think I need to make it part of my daily routine to call until I get some sort of response.

Hubby is nearly done with his last class for his degree. WooHoo! And he's taking a week of leave. Should be fun.

I've been trying to take it easy as I seem to have run myself into the ground. I've been reading a little bit (Twilight). Got two chapters in tonite.

I've tried to journal a little, hopefully that will help too.

I've just walked out of the kitchen, dinner dishes not done. I'm just too wrung out to deal with them today. I will hassle it in the morning. GAWD I hate doing it that way. I feel so defeated when I get up to a messy kitchen. UGH. But, if I do it now I can kiss any hope of sleep goodby.

So I'm off to wrap my ankle in it's nightly ice pack and pray for sleep.

Tuesday will be better. Won't it?

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