Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dang That Hurts!

Tonight I apparently decided that I didn't have ENOUGH pain.  I was going into the back of the Van to grab leftovers from our good-bye dinner with some friends...
Hit the little button on the key-fob and head into the back of the Van, as I am leaning down to grab the food stuff I hear the lift gate beeping (which means it's going up, or in this case ... down).  So, being the totally brilliant woman that I am I start to stand up to step out of the way.  NOT one of my proudest moments, nor one of my most intelligent...
As I came up, and the Lift Gate (is that what it's called?) came down...well, my head and the gate decided to become better acquainted.
The language I used is not fit to print here...needless to say it was colorful!
No blood, a good thing, headache (already had a budding migraine) really bad!  But, my sunglasses (which were on top of my head at the they dug into my head as well) do not appear to have been damaged.  With the noise my head made when it hit I am AMAZED that the glassed did not break in half...and am even more amazed that I didn't crack open my skull.
Am going to go back to putting ice on my head (what a lovely goose-egg I have) and hopefully go to sleep soon.
This is my first moment to get on the computer, and sadly too short.

In the Good News department...they say my wound is HEALED!  I'm not completely out of the woods, I have to protect it from damage as I can split it back open (just the thinnest layer of skin), keep the swelling down so that doesn't break it open either...need to get support sox for the upcoming long drive.

HOWEVER, I am technically HEALED!!!

Now we must do the dance of joy!!!

And now I must get my ice pack again!
Huggles, Faerie

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Kim said...

Well blessings to the Goddess - its about time you were pronounced HEALED finally! I'm doing the dance of joy right along with you my friend!! That's awesome news....

I have to admit though, that I chuckled at the mental image of you blessing out the tail gate roflmao!