Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Ortho Doc! Dr. Heinrich Himmler!!!

UGH! They had only a couple of wheelchairs when we got to the hospital so I decided to be considerate and crutch/walk it. Made it up to Orthopaedica, they sent me to X-Ray a long way away from ortho...
I've always thought they were a long way from each other not just since I got broken.
Then back to the farthest reaches of X-Ray and back to ortho.
I haven't been so physically drained in a good long time. to meet my new Orthopaedic Doctor...
He is the reincarnation of Heinrich Himmler!!!
Gestapo Doc stated that the PT folks needed to push harder,
I was reduced to tears and the "nice" doctor reminded me to breath several times while he was twisting my foot around. Stating that THIS is what PT needed to be doing, and so does hubby.
He repeated the process in excruciating detail to make sure that DH knew what to do.
Mind you, hubby has no issues with pain if it's productive.
However after DH fetched me a wheelchair (I wasn't walking anywhere else and we had three more stops before we left the hospital) and we were on our way to the next stop DH commented that he doesn't think this guy is as good a doctor as my last orthopaedic.

Dr. Himmler (no not really his name) reluctantly agreed to give me a small supply of pain pill to get me over the current hump in my progress.
He also said that I can stop wearing the boot and move back to regular shoes.
Stressing that I need to aggressively work on getting the normal foot motion back,
and that the boot is hindering that process.
I agree...It's terribly difficult to walk in the boot.
So I'm on crutches with a regular shoe and he would like me to be using a cane or nothing at all by my next appointment in four weeks.

So I'm happy, hurting, but happy.
PT is up now to three times a week.
It's going to be interesting but hopefully it will be a good thing.
The sooner I am better the sooner life will be back to normal.

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