Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angel Kitty

My dear sweet Angel Kitty is not doing well.  They do not expect her to survive the night.  We went to go see her at the Vet's and she is in really horrible shape.  She is not breathing well at all, very laboured, and her kidneys have pretty much shut down.  She cannot use her limbs but that did not stop her from trying to get up (she wanted desperately to come to hopes we would take her home I'm guessing). She tried to talk to us, she's a real talker, and that was heart wrenching as each attempt exhausted her.
We petted, we kissed, we scootcheled, we cried.
We told her that if she needs to move on she should feel free to go.  We want what is best for her.  We asked her not to hold on for "us", but to go if she needs to.  We DO want her in our lives, but more importantly we do NOT want her to suffer.  We told her to rest, and to feel free to let go, we told her we love her so much and we want what is best for her. We reminded her that we would ALWAYS be together and that we would see her on the other side of the Rainbow matter when she goes.

I left my sweater for her.  Whenever I am away from her she sleeps on my sweaters.  Hopefully that will give her some measure of comfort in these hours before we get back or before she goes.

I don't mind saying that our hearts are breaking.

We are so very grateful to the worker at the Vet's office.  She took time out of her life to call us and let us know that Angel is not expected to survive the night.  AND she offered for us to come and see Angel.  She stayed and patiently waited for use to get there and then she gave us privacy to visit with Angel.  Her shift was over probably around the time she called us and she stayed so late, just allowing us time with Miss Angel.
I will never be able to express our gratitude to this lovely woman.  We thanked her, profusely, for her kindness and for taking this time away from her own life and other responsibilities to allow us the time with Angel.

She is our Hurricane Katrina rescue kitty.  Her owners left her in the house when they evacuated.  A huge tree crashed into the roof, nearly to the first floor of a two story house, with two cats inside.  They came and got some of their possessions but still left the cats behind.  For MONTHS!!!  I started taking care of "kitty" when I got back from evacuation. I went into the house to dig through the asbestos and stuff to find "kitty's" sister and put flea medicine on her as the person purportedly caring for the cats said the house was infested with fleas.  I found the other cat and put flea stuff on her. Eventually we got permission to remove the other cat from the house.  "kitty" let herself out of the house through the gaping hole in the roof which is why I was able to start taking care of her. She had been living in the wild since the Hurricane.
"Kitty" I was later to find out was what she called the 9 or 10 years she had never bothered to name the cat.  She sorta answered to "kitty" so I added Angel in front of the kitty when her owner decided that she would be willing to allow me to adopt her little gray cat saying that I could take better care of her than she could.  She then became our little "Angel Kitty".  (Her sister, the other cat in the house, also had no real name, they called her simply "Fat Cat", we took care of her for a couple of months as well.)

For the last 6 years she has been a treasured part of our family.  We have been so blessed to have her with us, we hope that we have blessed her as well.  I know the love is mutual.  She showed us in thousands of ways that she loves us and I hope she knows how much she is loved by us, now and forever.

Sadly I am also having a crisis of faith now.
Every single thing I have asked for favor for our family has gone exactly opposite of my pleas.  There are too many to list here, none of them earth shattering, didn't ask for outrageous assistance.  Each and every one denied.  I've kept telling myself that it's for the best, that there is something we need to learn from these trials and tribulations...
So I fear to ask for intervention for Miss Angel.
If I do she stands no chance at all...
If anybody happens to read this I would appreciate your supplications on Angel's behalf.
She is a beautiful soul and deserves better than what she's getting right now.
No matter what I ask, or how I might ask it, I am sure to get the worst possible outcome for her.
I appreciate any help for her.
Thank You!
Huggles, Faerie

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Kim said...

Oh sweetheart, my heart is just breaking right now. Is this the photo of her you tried to text to me? (my little cheapo phone doesn't do photos)

You gave her such kindness and love - I know that she knows how much you love her and that she was able to go in peace knowing she would be with you again.

I cannot begin to fathom the reasons for the Universe responding as it has except for, as you said, there is a lesson to be learned from the trials and tribulations. We almost never agree with how things unfold at the time, but we always realize - however later it may be - that things worked out as they were supposed to and most likely for the best.

All I can say is that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers - and I'm sending you as much love, strength, healing, and light that I can send your way.