Friday, May 27, 2011

MIA Again.....

I thought I would repost this here for the people I'm missing via my Yahoo! Groups.  I know I have SO many readers here...but it's worth a maybe it still reaches some of my FB peeps too.

I would love to say that my MIA time has been fun.  But, it hasn't.
I cannot believe that it's been almost a week now since I even got near my computer.
Last weekend my pain level went way up and my ability to walk went way down.
I've spent the last week with my foot up debating if gnawing it off would hurt less.
I've decided that I want to keep the ankle...trusting that the pain will eventually improve.
I'm doing better in the Hyperbaric Chamber and the Tech is enjoying our movie collection.  I've been bringing mostly action movies to keep me distracted.  They're not necessarily my favorite types of films but they are good for keeping me distracted.
"Watch the Movie, Watch the Movie, Watch the Movie" is still my mantra in the tube (I think it's like the glass coffin from Sleeping Beauty.
I've attached a picture of the Chamber (this one looks the most like what I'm in).
I still think it's a bit ironic that I used to work for a company that makes chambers and now I'm in one.  I think I prefer the roomier chambers that my former employer made.  Here is a link to their site (if anybody wants to see).  One of the worst jobs I ever had.  I still have periodic nightmares about the guy who runs the company.  They made great chambers but the boss' people skills left something to be desired.

Anywho... I have not fallen off the face of the planet.  Just been unable to brave the discomfort to sit down at the computer, knowing I have stuff to do, and precious people to spend time with....but...

Please forgive.
Huggles, Faerie

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Kim said...

Awh, its okay my sweet friend. We know you have a lot going on right now. We are all just lying in wait until your ankle is better and your back to your usual, perky, happy self and then we are going to just BOMBARD you with all the mail we've been holding just for you!