Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun...NOT

My poor Pixie is very sick. Poor darlin' is coughing until she actually makes herself "sick". Her fever broke a few days ago but the rest of her symptoms are pretty much the same. She's had this for about a week now. Her highest temp was 102.6. She's got a lowgrade fever now, rarely breaking 100. She seems to do much better in the morning but by about 3 pm she starts coughing and not much we do seems to help. She's finally sleeping peacefully now. I haven't heard a cough in 5 or 10 minutes. YAY!

Me...I am currently terrified about tomorrow's surgery to remove my teeth. Well, I'm more terrified about the recovery...and the pain.

I am excited for my new "store bought teeth". I cannot wait to smile again. I've been so self-conscious about my teeth for so long I think sometimes that I have forgotten how to smile. And laughing...again that has been right out. I've been so embarrassed that I don't even really smile or laugh at home. I don't even want the people who love me to see me this way...don't want them to remember me this way.

That's the first thing I'm excited about with the teeth. That emotional part has been going on longer than the next part...

I am so excited about the prospect of not having the physical pain. The inability to eat. The inability to sleep. Sometimes having to prop myself up to sleep because the blood pressure change when I lay down normally causes the jaw pain to shoot up into my skull. The vise grip that attaches itself to my jaws from time to time...twisting, crushing pain that feels as if it is going to shatter the jaw...and the feeling that if the jaw did finally give way under the pressure that it would finally hurt LESS.

Amist the excitement is also a fair bit of fear...because of the bone density meds that I've been taking all these years (since the hysterectomy)...but that will have to wait for another day.

I must try to get some rest...I have a bit more laundry to fold...I'm saying to heck with the kitchen at this point...they will have to deal with it being a mess a bit longer...

Hopefully back up and running by Friday (?). Fingers Crossed.

Huggles, Faerie

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