Monday, March 23, 2009

It Finally Happened!

Today after Physical Therapy I decided to get Pixie an Easter Dress, shoes, etc. for a portrait for the Grandmothers.
Well she picked out a lovely little blue and green flowered dress (the flowers on a field of white) with little iridescent sequins scattered among the flowers (so sweet and pretty) and I picked out a little light weight sweater with an open weave, she really liked it so decided to take it too...which also had the sequins (what a stroke of luck), a pretty blue butterfly necklace and off to the shoe department to find shoes to go with her ensemble.
After many different shoes she finally settled on a pair she liked (darling blue and green plaid semi sneakers with elastic where the laces should be, they match the dress PERFECTLY) and the sales guy said it was a BOGO deal, second pair only $1.00. So several more attempts to find shoes she liked, finally a cute pair of deck shoes/top siders (?).
Ensemble in hand off we go to the cash register...

That was when IT happened.

The fellow who had helped with the shoes was ringing up the sale and when I said "ouch" to the total he smiled and said "Grandbabies can be expensive." I nodded and agreed. Wondering what that had to do with the price of tea in China. Then he looks me square in the eye and says "She's your Granddaughter, right?".
No Sir, she is my daughter.

He quickly changed the subject, asking her how old she is and commenting on her "Rapunzel" length hair... but still the sting lingers...


Huggles, Faerie

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Sophia said...

ouch indeed...that sucks.
Was that person really young? Anything over 30 is ancient to them.

oh BTW thank for adding me to your blog roll. You are my first one. :)